The New Western Star is Coming Here

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After its release in the USA this week,Penske Australia and New Zealand has announced that the new Western Star is coming here in late 2022 or early 2023. The new platform for the brand, the 49X was launched in a series of virtual presentations showcasing the development of a Western Star, which picks up all of the latest design and state-of-the-art technology from the global Daimler platform.

For full details on the new trucks and what they will mean to the Western Star brand in Australia, look out for the next edition of Diesel, including an exclusive interview with Dave Carson, Senior Vice President of Vocational Sales and Marketing globally from Western Star HQ in Portland, Oregon. Subscribe here. 

The 49X is reckoned to be the toughest, most tested, and most durable of Western Star trucks, the new trucks will build on the rugged American heritage of the Western Star brand, with the technologically advanced safety and performance features that tomorrow’s market demands.

the new Western Star is coming here

“We are thrilled to see the brand new Western Star platform unveiled in the United States,” said Randall Seymore, President of Penske Australia & New Zealand. “Here in Australia and New Zealand, Western Star has amassed a loyal customer base over the decades and we are confident our customers will be just as excited by today’s launch.

“We will be rolling out a testing program next year ensuring the new trucks are a perfect fit for our local conditions and applications. We will continue to support our current Western Star truck portfolio which has been proven to thrive in our tough and unique conditions, and Penske is committed to continuing to provide our customers with the service excellence they have come to expect.

“Our launch plans for the new trucks will be revealed in due course, however we expect to see the trucks enter our local markets in late 2022 or early 2023.”

the new Western Star is coming here

With the introduction of the 49X, the Western Star brand comes right up to date with all of the latest safety technology systems available, in the Detroit Connect 5.0 package, including Adaptive Cruise Control, Active Brake Assist, Lane Departure Warning, Intelligent High Beam and Side Guard Assist. SGA’s radar technology detects moving objects and pedestrians on the passenger side of the 49X that may otherwise fall in the operator’s blind spot and alerts them with both auditory and visual warnings, 

The truck’s power comes from the DD16 engine, which has been well received in all of its forms, as it has been introduced in other Daimler brands, showing excellent fuel saving potential.

the new Western Star is coming here

Another innovation is the introduction of the Detroit DT12 AMT. This AMT has proven to be popular across the board in the other Daimler brands and has been adapted by Detroit to include specific features to suit the kind of tough applications for which Western Star is well known. 

The DT12 Vocational series of transmissions include side PTO capabilities that allow for added flexibility, and application modes and shift map strategies for all types of terrain. There is a Rock-Free Mode allowing the 49X to free itself from wheel stuck situations, an Off-Road Mode enables smooth driving on extreme terrain, Power Launch provides powerful takeoffs while protecting the clutch and driveline, and a Paver Mode which allows the truck to shift from Neutral to Drive without depressing the brake pedal when pulling away. 

the new Western Star is coming here