the new cab shape is instantly recognisable

The New Cab Shape is Instantly Recognisable

When you see the new CF and XF model range from DAF, the new cab shape is instantly recognisable. The much more rounded profile is clearly much more slippery in the wind than its predecessor. Overall, the aerodynamics are much improved and a new sun visor design has further enhanced air flow. Read more

introducing a step-change in DAF

Introducing a Step-Change in DAF

Paccar in Australia is clearly introducing a step-change in DAF Trucks on offer with this new range, it is talking about at least a 10 per cent improvement in fuel economy, a big call from a normally conservative organisation. Many of the major changes are going to give the brand a much better fuel consumption and the ability to compete on this score with other European brands who have seen considerable growth in market share on the back of much improved fuel figures. Read more

Kenworth mix classic with modern in a new model

Kenworth Mix Classic with Modern in a New Model

The launch of the latest truck to come out of Bayswater sees Kenworth mix classic with modern in a new model in the growing range of ‘10s’, this time it’s a T410SAR. This launch sees the familiar and classic radiator and bonnet shape now available on Paccar’s follow up to the release of the more modern styled T410 model last year. Read more

new look, new technology, new DAF

New Look, New Technology, New DAF

With the release of its new range, the new look, new technology, new DAF brings the brand’s technology design and driveline smack up-to-date, on a par with all of its main competitors. Diesel News looks at what is on offer in the new range and gets an early experience of the new product. Read more

two all new models from Kenworth

Two All New Models From Kenworth

New trucks from Kenworth don’t come around very often, but this week has seen the release and first drive of two all new models from Kenworth. Diesel got a first look and a first drive around the AARC testing track at Anglesea in Victoria.

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Paccar achieved top status

Paccar Achieved Top Status

At the recent Australian Training Awards at the Sydney International Convention Centre Paccar achieved top status when it was recognised at the Large Employer of the Year for 2018. In accepting the award at the event Andrew Hadjikakou, Managing Director Paccar Australia acknowledged the employees and the company for their collective commitment to learning and development.

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first DAF truck assembled in Australia

First DAF Truck Assembled In Australia

At Bayswater in Victoria this week, a locally-produced DAF CF85 prime mover, the first DAF truck assembled in Australia was presented to, long-term customer and supporter of DAF, Cahill Transport, by Paccar Australia managing director, Andrew Hadjikakou.  Read more

Paccar Increase Capacity

Paccar Increase Capacity

A second parts distribution centre sees Paccar increase capacity in its Parts Division. The new PDC in the Brisbane logistics hub of Berrinba, south-west of Brisbane, is a move to reduce delivery times to dealers and boost parts availability to customers in its retail network.

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