getting rid of curfews

Getting Rid of Curfews

At the beginning of the pandemic the idea of getting rid of curfews was all about ensuring the supermarket shelves remained fully stocked, while the population set about a prolonged panic buy. Now, the situation is different with shorter lockdowns and much of the economy running close to normal, but also few calls from residents in formerly curfewed areas for their return. Read more

living in uncertain times

Living in Uncertain Times

Welcome to PowerTorque for a New Year, one which we all hope will be a less stressful than 2020, but we all know we are still living in uncertain times and that the challenges of 2021 are going to be hard enough to create new difficulties for our industry to surmount.

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it’s been quite a year

It’s Been Quite a Year

It surely would be the understatement of understatements, when talking about 2020, to say it’s been quite a year. This has been a year like nothing any of us has ever experienced, and a year we would prefer not to experience again. Read more

it’s been a crazy year

It’s Been a Crazy Year 

I came across some statistics this week which confirm my suspicions about what’s been going on in 2020, and yes, it’s been a crazy year. This is one we are not going to forget anytime soon and is going to influence our thinking for decades to come. Read more

there’s always one

There’s Always One

The latest news from Victoria around the Covid-19 issue shows us that there’s always one person who is not going to do the right thing. The question is whether they get caught or not. Read more

talking about Covid-19

Talking About Covid-19

This video is part of a toolbox talk kit focused on vehicle, workplace and hand hygiene, wearing of face masks and mental health, which is part of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulators’s latest release of practical industry safety material to get the industry talking about Covid-19. Read more

fighting over a trolley full of toilet rolls

Fighting Over a Trolley Full of Toilet Rolls

As the first UK COVID-19 deaths were reported, so panic buying ensued, so that video of the two Australian women fighting over a trolley full of toilet rolls was replicated all over the UK, and within days the supermarket shelves were stripped bare of anything you could eat or wipe your posterior with, reports Diesel News’ European Correspondent, Will Shiers. 

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reasons to be cheerful

Reasons to be Cheerful

A survey published week suggests the Australian trucking industry does have some reasons to be cheerful in these dark times. 2020 has been a disastrous year for many globally coupled with the uncertainty and insecurity of the crisis do, things do tend to spread doom and gloom evenly around all industries. Read more

really see what we are made of

Really See What We Are Made Of

There are not many opportunities in life where we can really see what we are made of, but the current crisis around Covid-19 is certainly an opportunity for us as individuals, as an industry and as a nation to test our mettle.  Read more