Putting a Stop on Poor Braking Performance

putting a stop on poor braking performance

ABS anti-lock braking systems, auto-response braking electronics, high-tech carbon and ceramic brake system materials have all contributed to improved safety, putting a stop on poor braking performance in both passenger cars and heavy vehicles.The latest automotive braking systems have revolutionised the way vehicles stop.

When it comes to heavy vehicles in particular, despite the significant advances in braking systems brought about by modern electronics, at the core of every stop made are mechanical components that fundamentally haven’t changed for decades.

Brake discs and drums, brake callipers and brake pads and shoes are the primary parts that make up a commercial vehicle’s braking system, all of which require regular inspections and replacement due to wear.

In 2018, TRW was centrally involved in the creation in Europe of new minimum performance standards for brake pads and shoes, discs and drums. As a result, its brake components all comply with the latest ECE R90 regulations.

Recognising that with commercial vehicles, time can be money and that downtime is money lost, TRW brake parts are available as kits which include all accessories and instructions for fast fitment.


putting a stop on poor braking performance

The components themselves are manufactured to the highest quality and in the case of brake discs, are precision machined on sophisticated CNC machines to the tightest tolerances to ensure consistent minimum DTV (Disc Thickness Variation) and true running, to avoid shudder.

This consistency also ensures a hassle-free fit right first time, while matching the original-equipment specifications determined by the vehicle manufacturer. When it comes to replacement, ZF Aftermarket offers two types of TRW aftermarket discs – High Carbon Discs and Cast Iron Discs.

The advantages of High Carbon Discs include optimal thermal conductivity which promotes cooler running for more consistent braking performance and reduced wear. This in turn delivers increased resistance to distortion and cracking, and ultimately a quieter, shudder-free driving experience.

The Cast Iron Discs are made from a controlled mixture of raw materials. This grey cast iron ensures the best possible mix of robust resistance to wear and a high thermal capacity, for optimised rigidity. The result is a product that exceeds manufacturer performance and NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) specifications.


putting a stop on poor braking performance

Similarly, the TRW aftermarket brake callipers perform or exceed how the vehicle manufacturer intended, backed by the certainty that every single unit is end-of-the-line tested.

Key to what ZF Aftermarket proudly claims is the ‘most advanced brake pad design on the market’ is the patented backing plate design, which results in significant improvements in the sheer and material contraction properties.

That leads to longer pad life, as does the pad friction material used, which has a high resistance to fade, delivering braking force that’s consistently proportional to the pressure applied to the pedal, and an ability to recover quickly in the wet.

These characteristics are all factors in efficient and effective braking performance.


putting a stop on poor braking performance