One Link Doesn’t Form a Chain

one link doesn’t form a chain

The issues around safety are being examined for the livestock transport industry and feedback is being sought by Sal Petroccitto, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) CEO, who reckons one link doesn’t form a chain.

Sal says he is looking for feedback from the livestock industry on some the safety concerns the regulator has identified.

“We have a very robust relationship with the livestock transport sector as the NHVR,” said Sal. “It is not backward in coming forward and telling me what’s working and what’s not working. We value that as an organisation and hope that it continues.

“In the area of CoR, most people would be aware it’s been about 18 months since we undertook a major change with the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) and did the reforms to the CoR duties. The change brought a positive duty for everyone in the supply chain, and it has meant that we no longer need to wait until something goes wrong before we can act.

“The reforms have also withdrawn some of the rules which the trucking industry thought were unfair. That has also created some challenges. We are also encouraging everyone in the chain to be proactive in reducing risk. The obligation under the law about doing everything that is reasonably practical is the critical aspect that we need to focus on.”

one link doesn’t form a chain

The current provisions in the law are workable, according to Sal. There are some discussions going around about further reform to the HVNL as part of the current review. However, from the NHVR’s point of view, there is no need for any changes to the current provisions in this area of the law.

“How are we going to get better at managing safety?” said Sal. “Last time I was speaking to the livestock transporting industry, there was a lot of talk about the chain of responsibility and how it functions around saleyards. We were asked to review those compliance responsibilities as part of the work which we have undertaken.

“We have had discussions with industry about the factors which influence this compliance, in identifying good practices. I am pleased to say that we did consult with over 30 groups within the supply chain, and we are now issuing a livestock issues paper.

“The intent of that paper is to identify some of those challenges, risk management and responsibilities used by those different parties. It is an opportunity for all of those within the likes of industry to provide us with some further information.”

one link doesn’t form a chain

Input from the livestock transport industry will be critical in ensuring that any changes move in the right direction. The NHVR is seeking to find out more about particular loading practices, issues around mass management and generally understanding issues around the regulatory responsibilities.

The purpose of the Livestock Supply Chain Review is to identify the relationship, influences, understanding and capabilities of the parties who impact the safety and productivity of livestock supply chain road transport movements, with a view to ensuring certainty, process and risk mitigation strategies around mass management regulatory compliance obligations.

Consultation has been extended and closes at 5pm Sunday May 31 2020. Download the Issues Paper here.

one link doesn’t form a chain