Not All Trailer Electronic Braking Systems Are Equal

not all Trailer Electronic Braking Systems are equal

With the imminent changes in ADR38/05 legislation, Knorr Bremse reckon it is important to know that not all Trailer Electronic Braking Systems are equal.

The Knorr Bremse TEBS has dual load sensing capability, which means it can sense if the prime mover is a North American or European based truck. This is important because different truck types have different onset and coupling pressure characteristics, which may affect the brake balance of a combination.

A wide multi volt operating range of 9-32V, helps mitigate problems with voltage drop in multi trailer combinations.

Besides anticipating potential rollover in a corner by reducing the speed to prevent the trailer rolling over, some systems are able to correct trailer swing and react to sudden lane change manoeuvres that could lead to loss of control and potential rollover of a combination.

A TEBS with the ability to perform multiple auxiliary functions is available. It can use both pneumatic and electronic input/output functions. On some systems the raise/lower valve automatically returns the trailer to its ride height at programmed speed, which helps reduce damage to trailer suspensions.

On longer combinations it is necessary to split and readdress the CAN signal to the local and rear trailer modules, giving optimised electronic brake timing in even the longest of combinations of up to seven trailers.


not all Trailer Electronic Braking Systems are equal