New members for TruckSafe

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Another four operators have been announced as members for the TruckSafe accreditation program. TruckSafe says it is proud to welcome CBG Transport (NSW), Transedel (VIC), Simpsons Fuel (VIC) and Lillyvale Livestock Carriers (QLD) as its newest members.

CBG Transport is a local family owned Newcastle business running two trucks, with plans to add a third one in the coming months. Specialising in local liquor deliveries around Lake Macquarie, Director Chad Grintell said customers really valued the TruckSafe accreditation program.

“I think TruckSafe just makes everything about your operation look a bit more professional, and it also helps improve safety in many areas,” said Chad.

Transedel was established by Ian Einsiedel in 1994 as an owner-driver operation. Today, the fleet includes four B-doubles and two truck and dog combinations, and provides cattle transport services across Victoria and New South Wales.

“I’m happy to be part of TruckSafe, and I think it’s a great thing to have it include TruckCare going forward,” said Ian. “It ticks a lot of boxes, particularly with chain of responsibility for your customers. I hope this shows the little companies like us that TruckSafe is not just for the big boys, it can really help you out, particularly with getting procedures in place.”

Established as I & M Simpson & Son in 1953, family owned Simpsons Fuel provides fuel deliveries to Alexandra and surrounding areas.

“Joining TruckSafe was all about implementing best practice into the business, and has brought a whole lot of things into our operation. My son is involved in the business as well, and we’re going to enjoy the changes, I think,” said General Manager Gordon Simpson.

Lillyvale Livestock Carriers provides transport services for the Lillyvale feedlot in Condamine, Queensland, and has been TruckCare accredited since 2012 and has become part of the integration of the livestock scheme into TruckSafe.

“I’m delighted to welcome CBG Transport, Transedel Pty Ltd, Simpsons Fuel and Lillyvale Livestock Carriers to the TruckSafe family,” said Stephen Marley, TruckSafe Chairman. “When a business is TruckSafe accredited, you know they’ve committed themselves to putting safety first, safety in their fleet, for their staff, and for their community. We’re proud of our TruckSafe operators, and that’s why you can find the full list of accredited operators on the TruckSafe website.”