Magic Steering Button

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Here’s one out of left field from the UK, the magic steering button on an eight-legger MAN tipper. This kind of steering is familiar to the drivers of agricultural gear or a skid steer, but on a truck?

Here’s a fuller explanation of how this system works from Diesel’s European Correspondent, Will Shiers:

This does seem like a sensible idea and one which has been around a long time, but is there any need for something like this in Australia? Probably not. The shortage of space and crowded cities in Europe probably make this a viable option for truck buyers there.

The commentary in the first video does also demonstrate a lot about the attitude to technology in the UK. The driver refers the steering brake control as a ‘Magic Button’. I can’t imaging a truck salesman in Australia telling potential client about this ‘magic button’. The more cynical and technically knowledgeable Aussie would want a little more meat on the bone than that.

However, if this kind of technology does work and is proven to be viable, it could start to appear in more technologically advanced combinations where a little extra steering here and there, especially at slow speeds, would be really useful.


magic steering button