Looking Out For a Bushfire Hero

looking out for a bushfire hero

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) and Bridgestone Australia are looking out for a bushfire hero, aiming to honour truck drivers who showed selflessness and heroism during the Australian bushfire crisis, calling for truck drivers to be put forward for a Bridgestone Bandag Highway Guardian Award.

“Throughout the bushfire crisis, we’ve seen incredible acts selflessness and humility,” said Geoff Crouch, ATA Chair. “Amongst the incredible work of the volunteer firefighters and emergency service personnel, are many truck drivers who have demonstrated true heroism in assisting those in need while on the road.

“The Bridgestone Bandag Highway Guardian award was established to recognise these stories, and we want to honour these cases of community service, heroism and selflessness. If you know someone who should be honoured for their efforts, we want to know.”

Bridgestone Australia & New Zealand Managing Director, Stephen Roche, said Bridgestone was proud to partner with the ATA in looking out for a bushfire hero and using this award to honour those who have assisted during the bushfire crisis.

“Times of great hardship such as the recent bushfires is when we often see community spirit and camaraderie at its most powerful,” said Stephen. “In the spirt of the Highway Guardian, we want to acknowledge these efforts and give the hero truck drivers of the bushfire crisis the recognition they deserve, for their incredible selfless contributions in such a difficult time.”

For more information or to nominate a hero truck driver for the Bridgestone Bandag Highway Guardian Award, head to the ATA website. 

A Bridgestone Bandag Highway Guardian candidate might be brought to the ATA’s attention and acknowledged at any time during the year. This title is not exclusive to one person, but rather will belong to a growing number of drivers over time, if and when incidents occur. No incident is held up against or compared to another.

Every one of their stories contributes to bridging the perceived gap between the trucking industry and the broader community. By bringing to light these incidents, the award will contribute to road safety awareness.


looking out for a bushfire hero