first impressions riding Shogun

First Impressions Riding Shogun

The latest heavy duty prime mover from Fuso looks different enough from its predecessors, but not too dissimilar, so what are our first impressions riding Shogun? The aerodynamic engineers have been busy ironing out the imperfections and improving air flow with subtle changes to the shape.  Read more

getting the mix right

Getting the Mix Right

When European manufacturers work together with others, it seems they come to very similar conclusions about getting the mix right, especially when combining the best of Japan with the best of Europe. Diesel tests the new Fuso Shogun prime mover. Read more

first all-electric light truck in Australia

First All-electric Light Truck in Australia

Fuso will introduce the world’s first all-electric light truck in Australia next February, when the Fuso eCanter, which produces zero exhaust pipe emissions becomes the first mass produced electric truck to go on sale in the country. Read more

getting really serious about fuel cell trucks

Getting Really Serious About Fuel Cell Trucks

An announcement from Volvo Group and Daimler Truck sees two of the biggest truck makers in the world joining forces and getting really serious about fuel cell trucks. The two global giants are forming a joint venture for large-scale production of fuel cells with the aim of having heavy duty fuel cell trucks on the road in just over five years time.

Read more

going over to electric power

Going Over to Electric Power

The Fuso eCanter is the type of urban truck we can expect to see going over to electric power when it first arrives in any numbers. Urban small parcel distribution is ideal. The trucks doing this work will spend the day in a stop/go world and never stray too far from home base. Read more

how well does an electric truck go?

How Well Does an Electric Truck Go?

At first sight the Fuso eCanter looks just like any ordinary small truck delivering goods in any city in Australia, but the question on many people’s lips is, how well does an electric truck go? There is a distinctive blue piping around the grille and some other components to give hints about the different power plant under the cabin. Read more

electric trucks are the future

Electric Trucks are the Future

Reading the latest about new trucks around the world, we can be in no doubt that electric trucks are the future and it is simply a matter of how long until electric power predominates.  Read more

an explosion of interest in electric vehicles

An Explosion of Interest in Electric Vehicles

All across the trucking industry in the United States observers are currently seeing an explosion of interest in electric vehicles. Diesel’s US Correspondent, Steve Sturgess, tells us the latest announcements are topped by Amazon’s decision to purchase 100,000 Rivian electric delivery vans for last-mile operations. The most remarkable thing about this amazing order is that the vans currently do not even exist. Read more