serious safety challenges

Serious Safety Challenges

According to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, fatigue and distraction are serious safety challenges for heavy vehicle drivers and operators. Read more

EWDs are like buses

EWDs Are Like Buses

On the evidence of a series of announcements in the last few weeks, it would seem that EWDs are like buses, you wait around for what seems like years for one to come along and then four come one after the other. This month another two electronic work diaries have popped their heads above the parapet and are due to be fully approved.  Read more

extended law reform consultation

Extended Law Reform Consultation

This week has seen the announcement that there will be an extended law reform consultation period for the trucking industry, as the closing date for submissions to the Heavy Vehicle National Law review consultation regulation impact statement (RIS) has been extended until November 20 2020 Read more

the current law is inadequate to cope

The Current Law is Inadequate to Cope

If there is one thing all of the stakeholders around the development of the all-new Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) can agree on, it is that the current law is inadequate to cope with the kind of regulation needed to take the trucking industry into the future, as technology and changing demands recalibrate the way the industry sector will function.

Read more

talking about Covid-19

Talking About Covid-19

This video is part of a toolbox talk kit focused on vehicle, workplace and hand hygiene, wearing of face masks and mental health, which is part of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulators’s latest release of practical industry safety material to get the industry talking about Covid-19. Read more

looking for 21st century rule

Looking for 21st Century Rules

A root and branch rewrite of the Heavy Vehicle National Law is taking place and after extensive consultation, the Regulatory Impact Statement released by the National Transport Commission sees the agency looking for 21st century rules to take the trucking industry forward.  Read more

truck related crash fatalities are down

Truck Related Crash Fatalities are Down

In this year of gloom and doom it’s good to see one optimistic set of figures appear, as the number of truck related crash fatalities are down for the year until June. The latest report from the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE) sees a significant fall in the number of deaths associated with accidents involving trucks. Read more

Fatigue Choices campaign

Fatigue Choices Campaign

“Through our Fatigue Choices campaign we have asked operators to come in and have a chat with our safety team,” says Andreas Blahous, National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Senior Specialist (Fatigue Management). “They know their businesses and drivers. We ask them to tell us what they think is going on and if there is anything which they want to do which they can’t do under the current rules. Then we can have a conversation about those risks and how they can manage those risks. Read more

Safety Initiative funding announced

Safety Initiative Funding Announced

Round Five of the Australian Government’s Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative funding announced this week will provide 26 projects, aimed at saving lives and reducing road trauma, with a share of the latest $5.9 million to be pledged to the initiative. Read more

certainty when installing new safety technology

Certainty When Installing New Safety Technology

The newly announced Vehicle Safety and Environmental Technology Update Plan (SETUP) has outlined five work packages to give Australia’s heavy vehicle industry certainty when installing new safety technology. As part of the initiative he National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has released a blueprint to support manufacturers and operators to incorporate the latest safety technology into new and existing heavy vehicles. Read more