security problems with data

Security Problems With Data

If you want to open a can of worms, then the best thing to do is ask a question about security problems with data. If you want to run a modern, efficient and productive transport operation, you are going to generate a vast amount of data, prompting the security question, and the can of worms. Read more

the Geotab platform

The Geotab Platform

It is a new name in the Australian telematics market but, in fact, the Geotab platform has been around for over 15 years, and most of that time in Australia, but not under the corporate name. In the past, Geotab equipment was sold by a reseller in this market. The company has now decided to change tack and participate in the market as Geotab Read more

creating massive data flows

Creating Massive Data Flows

The latest developments in the kind of electronics used on board trucks, in warehouses, in scheduling, in delivery and receival, in invoicing, in compliance, in HR and maintenance, are creating massive data flows in and around the freight being transported. Read more

a crowded marketplace for competing technologies

A Crowded Marketplace for Competing Technologies

The trucking industry has become a crowded marketplace for competing technologies vying for space within the truck cabin, the operations office and elsewhere in trucking business. This makes it difficult to look at solutions holistically. Especially when individual components within a convergent system may come from different suppliers. Read more

using the internet of things to find trucks and freight

Using the Internet of Things to Find Trucks and Freight

As the world of telematics, asset tracking and supply chain transparency becomes more complex, a new partnership between HERE Technologies and Actility will bring together a system using the internet of things to find trucks and freight, to enable better visibility of where things are in the supply chain. Read more

EWDs are like buses

An EWD Finally Gets Up

Truck drivers in Australia will finally be able to replace their paper work diary with an electronic work diary, as an EWD finally gets up through the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s certification system. Read more

new freight data standard for Australia

The Convergence of All of the Data

As the amount of technology involved with every interaction in the supply chain continues to increase, the need for the convergence of all of the data into a useful tool for road transport businesses becomes even more important. This is the smart way for trucking businesses for the future. Read more