Back on track

The latest truck sales figures show the industry clawing its way back from a very slow start to 2015. The numbers for April, released by the Truck Industry Council show the figures recovering from the doldrums of January and February.

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2015 now looks like it will be a similar year to both 2013 and 2014 where numbers remained relatively static, without the prospect of either strong growth or precipitous decline. Earlier this year there was some pessimism in the air and the figures reflected this. Now, the Australian trucking industry seems to have returned to its default setting of cautious optimism.

In overall truck sales in April, the sales numbers look very much like a return to normal. All of the brands managed to hold their own and consolidate their position. Isuzu, as ever, picked up a small bit of market share overall.

In the heavy duty segment, it’s business as usual for Kenworth, with 166 sales and clear market leadership. However, overall numbers for the year are down for the Paccar brand, numbers should pick up later in the year to compensate.

Much of Isuzu’s improvement in market share comes from the medium duty segment, with the percentage going up to nearly 43 per cent for the month. This has the effect of getting the overall 2015 figures closer to the 40 per cent mark.

The light duty sector has returned to a much more normal setting, with Isuzu back to market leadership, after conceding number one status for March to Hino. The hangover effect for Hino, after the blip in sales, saw the brand drop below Fuso and slip into third place in the sales figures for April, while still retaining second overall for the year.

A little volatility was on show in the van market for April, with Renault picking up a few extra sales to get to 148 for April and boosting its market share for the year, while remaining a clear second behind market leader Mercedes Benz.